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Transformer cooling silicone oil-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

Transformer cooling silicone oil

Transformer cooling silicone oilSilicone oil can be used as insulating and cooling oil transformer, it has the following characteristics:

1, having a dielectric performance in a very wide temperature, voltage and frequency range;

2, excellent high temperature stability, viscosity changes with temperature minima, low volatility, thermal oxidation;

3, safe and reliable, combustible, combustion would break the chain automatically, which silica and self-extinguishing;

4, chemically inert, of insulating materials used in the system is not the role of the existing transformer. These materials include: kraft paper, board, polyamide, polyimide, asbestos, polyester, polypropylene, polyethylene, natural rubber, butyl rubber, chloroprene rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber, fluorine rubber, PTFE, silicone rubber, steel, copper, aluminum, tin, silicon resin, epoxy resin;

5, do not pollute the environment, two methyl silicone oil degradation, the production of carbon dioxide and silicic acid;

6, low toxicity;

7, rate of intact equipment to the United States, 7500 sets of silicone oil for transformer insulation oil column, in normal operation after 5 years, the damage rate is less than 0.08%, and the damage reason and use of silicone oil, do not use silicone transformer rate reached 0.2-0.4%;

8, reduce weight, volume and cost of the transformer. Silicone transformer can be in 175 degrees Celsius above the long-term work, allow when the transformer is 115 degrees Celsius temperature; and the general transformer oil temperature rise of 65 degrees Celsius. Therefore, the volume of the transformer can be reduced to 30%, weight can be reduced 15-20%, prices fell 12%.

      The silicone oil has the advantages mentioned above, therefore, has a large number of overseas for transformer oil or other oil for electrical appliances. The United States currently has about 340000000 pounds of silicone oil in use.

     In the commonly used in transformer oil, mineral oil amount most, accounting for about 90% of the total. Although the mineral oil, low cost, good nodes, but flammable, unsafe, polychlorinated biphenyls in transformer oil while doing good fireproof performance, but because of toxic to the human body, the United States and Europe has banned the use of. While the chlorofluorocarbons is due to the lower boiling point, heat transformer can make partial vaporization, if the seal is not closed, it will cause pollution.

     In the use of silicone oil ( transformer insulation oil, container, pipeline must be no oil, grease, asphalt or other impurities, because these substances pollute the silicone oil, silicone oil and reduce the combustion performance of transformer oil. In addition, the mineral oil is completely miscible in silicone oil, and once after mixed with could not make the two separated.

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