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Resistance to flame retardant silicone rubber-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

        General flame retardant silicone rubber can play a good flame retardant effect, also accord with the requirement of environmental protection, but in some aspects of electrical application, requirements are relatively high, such as in the engine, especially near the jet engine wire and cable insulation protection, there is a fire sensor wire and cable's outer protection. Resistance to flame retardant silicone rubber to further improve the traditional flame-retardant silicone rubber with flame retardant effect, can withstand high temperature short-time burning flame.

        A kind of silicon rubber as base composition, the said material contains the following components of resistance to flame retardant system; platinum complexes, phenolic fibers, basic metal oxides, hydroxides or oxygen-containing heterozygous or flame retardant. These in silicone rubber silicone rubber amount, to 100 metric: platinum complex 0.00004~0.00006, 10~25 portions of phenolic fiber, flame retardant 1~25. The silicone rubber was used to license some equipment fire sensor cable protective barrier material, upon examination, the material can meet the design department 's request, the resistance to flame retardant silicone rubber can withstand approximately 1000 degrees to the flame burning for 5 minutes, and ensure the protection of the inner cable damage occurs, thereby ensuring that the fire alarm sensor in case of fire effectively.

         Platinum complex and preparation: in the beaker add chloroplatinic acid 1g and four methyl two vinyl two silicon ether 50g, in under the protection of nitrogen, oil bath heating, gradually warming up to 115~120 degrees in temperature, reflux reaction under 1H, cooling to room temperature, filtering to obtain yellowish black precipitate, the filtrate, then distilled water washing to neutral, adding proper amount of calcium chloride, dry 2~4h, filtering to obtain light yellow liquid platinum complexes.

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