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Electrode circuit protection silicone rubber-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

          Come to China nearly ten years development is qualitative leap, each trade is make a spurt of progress. The people living in the commonly used clothing, food, shelter, all without exception is changing. The rapid development also brings to the environment is destroyed, along with industrial development, car exhaust emissions lead sulfide ( acid rain ) has become a big problem. In view of these problems, as a protective material -- silicone rubber. At the technical level to a higher level. In previous protective materials used in metal corrosion preventing electrode circuit, preventing vulcanized aspects of insufficient problem.
Electrode circuit protection silicone rubber is immediately in the presence of sulfide can Baohua electrode circuit metal from sulfide, corrosion of silicon rubber composition. Electrode circuit protection silicone rubber with low elasticity, in low temperature heating, room temperature, ultraviolet radiation curing and resistance to sulfide corrosion, excellent, mainly on the PDP liquid crystal electrode, electrode, plasma display panel electrode protection and various electrical, electronic component protection.

         Electrode circuit protection silicone rubber compound explain; platinum group catalyst in the presence of two molecular chain end, molecular chain, or at the end of the chains and the molecular chain with vinyl and other alkenes, Kidd straight chain two organopolysiloxane and organic hydride polysiloxane obtained by reacting addition curable silicone rubber composition for. As the electron beam curing type silicone rubber composition can be used for, with free radical polymerization group organic polysiloxane by irradiation of the electron beam, by free radical polymerization to cure any kind of silicone rubber composition.

Electrode circuit protection characteristics of silicon rubber:

1.High temperature resistant, low temperature resistant Properties: high temperature resistant, water boiling, water immersion; resistance to cold and excellent high temperature performance, can work for a long time in high temperature up to 310 degrees, low temperature of - 60 degrees in the work environment;
2.In bond effect better: colloid is an elastomer, can be bonded to the metal and nonmetal materials, to bond, seal, sealing, coating, fixed effect;
3 weather resistance : good moisture-proof, earthquake, UV, waterproof, not because of bad weather and change its properties;
4 excellent electrical characteristics: corona resistant, anti leakage, aging resistance, electrical insulation performance, strong sealing performance and other characteristics to the product provides a high safety factor;
5 environmental protection high level: non-toxic, no pollution, no solvent, no corrosion, absorb the moisture in the air at room temperature curing, more safety and environmental protection, has passed the European RoHS standard;

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