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Silicon rubber membrane-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

       With polysiloxane-based chain silicone rubber is with a series of special properties of special rubber, which
hasnot only the excellent high and low temperature resistant and in performance, but also has prominent elastic, breathable, soft and non-toxic, odorless, physiologically inert and other elastomer materials do not have the characteristics of. Therefore, in addition to widely used in the manufacture of silicone rubber with special high and low temperature requirements of the rubber products, also can be used in the manufacture of functional thin film materials, for columns such as cell culture, human fine tissues such as the eardrum liner, tissue engineering scaffolds coated to use in. When asked to silicon rubber thickness of 0.05~0.25mm film. For this type of film is the first requirement, uniform thickness, smooth surface, transparent, has a certain strength and elasticity, no yellow.

       A methyl vinyl silicone rubber as base thickness 0.05 ~0.25mm silicone rubber membrane, which is characterized in that film, the main material of methyl vinyl silicone rubber with molecular weight of 40 - 600000 110 - 2 methyl vinyl silicone rubber 5 - 40 weight% with molecular weight of 40~ 600000 B alkenyl end-capped with 110 2VT methyl vinyl silicone rubber 95 - 60 weight% and used the way, but also in the methyl vinyl silicone rubber based adhesive mixture using low molecular weight of active hydrogen containing polysiloxane as anti-yellowing agent, the use of high vinyl content of polysiloxane as hardening agent. Preparation of thin films with plastic material with Z type kneader kneading, two polyester film in between, with rolling machine rolling piece, into the oven curing, the film is smooth and transparent, performance reached: elongation≥ 400%, tensile strength, tear strength≥ 7.5MPa≥ 25kN / M

The invention of the silicon rubber membrane in gel mixture comprises by weight ratio the following components:

A, methyl vinyl silicone rubber 100
B, weather white carbon black 10~50
C, 0~30 precipitated white carbon blackThe activity of
D, 3~25 hydroxyl containing silicone
E, anti-yellowing agent 0.5~5
F, hardening agent 0.1~3.5
G, peroxide curing agent 1.5~3.

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