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Epoxy plastic balance silicone-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

Epoxy plastic balance silicone          Red epoxy balance silicone clay divided into a, B two components, respectively, in epoxy resin and curing agent as the main components, with a filler component, the component A is light yellow, B is blue. Cement molding properties, good thixotropy, the winding coil surface has excellent cohesive force, and has a good insulating properties. Mastic cured at room temperature. The clay for environment-friendly products, in line with the EU RoHS directive. Epoxy balance clay suitable for all types of wound rotor dynamic balance calibration, such as lifting motor, auto motor, DC motor, micro motor, also can be used as encapsulation, inserting and bonding materials.

 Method of use:

       1 paste mortar surface should be clean and dry, with oil application to alcohol wipe.
       2 clay before use to a, B according to the volume ratio of 1:1 ( weight ratio of 1.9:2.1 ) mixture. At room  
          temperature using hand to pinch mixed to color uniformity. The balancing gauge unbalance, removal of cement
          paste, used in balance ( end of the coil, tracking or other parts ), adjust the paste cement quantity, until the
          balance calibration.
       3 Calibration dynamic balance after the workpiece in no less than 5 at room temperature for 24 hours after the 
           hardening curing process, can automatically, no escape.
       4 A, B are mixed, with " repeat twist twist " pinch mixed method is the most simple.Matters needing attention1 to
          embed mending adhesive surface if there is dirt, need to use alcohol or acetone wiping the net, so as not to affect the adhesion.2 if due to overheating, cement sticky hands, a and B group before the mixing water hands wet, or talcum powder, can avoid the cement adhesion on hand.3 if the winter temperature is too low, clay and hard, electric hair dryer will cement can be heated to weak, or placed 30 degrees oven baked for half an hour. The adhesive surface may also be appropriate preheating.4 mixed together with the glue quantity are more, the reaction is faster, please pay attention to control the curing speed of a glue mixing amount, because the reaction speed, it can use the time will be shortened, after mixing the cement as far as possible in a short period of time run out;

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