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Conductive Silicone

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    Add features additives in silicone rubber formulations. Silicone rubber can be produced with a variety of features, Meet the needs of a variety of special purposes. Conductive silicone formula in glass, silver plated , aluminum silver-plated , silver and other conductive particles uniformly distributed in the silicone rubber , conductive particle contact pressure to achieve good electrical conductivity .

    Conductive silicone in both military and commercial applications . Its main role is to seal and electromagnetic shielding. The product can be molded or extrusion Pack or other punching shapes to choose from. Types of conductive silicone , such as: divided into the graphite nickel plating filled silicone rubber , silver-filled silicone rubber extrusion gasket .

    Aluminum silvering fill silicone rubber , nickel- silver plated fill silicone rubber , copper silver-plated fill silicone rubber , graphite filled silicone rubber silver fill silicone rubber , silver filled silicone rubber molded gasket . Conductive silicone really can conduct electricity ? According to the relationship between current, voltage and resistance voltage drop will always be some current flow exists , but the current is too small, people do not feel . The volume resistivity of the conductive rubber is relatively metal is still very large, according to the relationship of the volume resistivity is proportional to the distance , the longer the distance , the greater the resistance . Medical electrodes , conductive rubber has been widely applied , the conductive rubber electrodes thinner , usually less than 1mm , the electrode only contacts up and down two , that is, a distance of only 1mm , when conductive rubber is fully powered . In our daily lives , we can cut a small piece of conductive rubber repair like the remote control of electrical contact with the head position , relatively easy to be corroded iron plates like the remote control battery electrode place, Switch conductive rubber sheet instead of electrodes , one will not rust , then it can be waterproof , last the replacement is a good choice .

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